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December 21th 2014

     On December 21 2013, TaoGraphie was born with the coming of winter. With this Fifth issue, I am so thrilled to blow the magazine’s first candle. For me, this first year is marked by a great joy; joy of having seen the idea of the magazine materialized; the joy of seeing it live.

1+1+1+1+1…In the course of the seasons and the issues, you have joined this adventure as readers or writers. By talking about the magazine, you spread the word from close friend to relatives. You have contributed to weaving the web of a community of well-being enthusiasts, which goes from Equator to the US now, thanks to our enthused correspondents in both countries.

Taographie is becoming polyglot. The team worked hard to find the resources to be able to translate the many articles in two languages, French to English and French to Spanish.

Today, this magazine is a true collective adventure with writers who are more and more active in its realization.

In addition, this is a special issue. To celebrate the birthday of Taographie, the editorial board of the magazine met for the first time. A collection of ideas was created for this special event.

So, you will find special sections entrusted to our writers. In  the “ONE” column, everybody wrote an article about “ONE.” All our writers sent us a picture of a Q for Christmas, and instead of writing their list to Santa Claus, they wrote lists of beautiful things of 2014.

Last but not least, on our website, the Taographie’s advent calendar keeps many surprises for you every day between December 21st and January 6th with a retrospective of the year 2014.

I won’t tell you anything more and let you discover this special issue the team of Taographie prepared for you. We hope you will have as much pleasure to read it, as we had to write it.

Let’s start the celebration! Happy birthday Taographie!

Delphine Huy

publisher / editor

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